Hello there traveller

This is thepacket.exchange an infosec focused corner of the fediverse

You can join the Mastodon instance here: https://mastodon.thepacket.exchange.

You can join the Peertube instance here: https://peertube.thepacket.exchange.

Point your Matrix client to this domain and come say hi!

contact the administrator contact@thepacket.exchange.


Intel Xeon E5-1650V3 / 2TB HDD RAID 1 / 64GB DDR4 / 1 Gbit uplink

Costs are roughly 65 Euro per month, which I currently cover myself. I am not open to sponsorship, though "no strings attached" donations are welcome.


Hell if I can get a wallet for it, I'll take it, contact me


I have configured these services with privacy and choice in mind, such as the Matrix server which does not require any PII to sign up.

Do not abuse the trust I am putting into you. If I am approached by law enforcement and they state a good case or have the correct signed papers I will comply

I'm not going to jail for you. Considering these are all federated services go run your own, do crimes and get yourself arrested, stay out of my yard.

Eat more vegetables!